Rules for testing

Do you want to test the possibilities of this forum? Want to test out your new signature? You can do it here.

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Rules for testing

Post by avij »

As the moderator of this Test Forum I'd like to point out a few things..

The description of this forum reads: Do you want to test the possibilities of this forum? Want to test out your new signature? You can do it here.

Apparently, some people have merely tested whether they can press the 'Submit' button or not, while some people have tested whether they can make a fool of themselves by posting pointless messages. These tests have succeeded splendidly in the last few weeks.

If you have a genuine need for testing something, feel free to do so here.

Some often-tested things include:
  • Images -- [img][/img] :arrow: Image
  • HTML -- We don't allow HTML formatting of messages, please use BBCode instead. For example, to make a part of text appear bold, surround the text with BBCode "b" tags, eg. [b]bold[/b] instead of the HTML equivalent of <b>bold</b>.
  • Linking -- Check out this [url=]tracking site[/url], it's cool! :arrow: Check out this tracking site, it's cool!
  • Avatars -- When you change an avatar (from your profile), that change affects all the messages you've posted so far. If you want to see how your avatar looks like after the change, just find some messsage that you've posted earlier. The same applies for signatures -- the signature change applies for all the messages where you've selected to use a signature.
We may delete some older test messages from this test forum, as it doesn't make sense to keep all the test messages here indefinitely. If you want to make sure your message isn't deleted afterwards, please don't post your message to the Test Forum. In particular, if the message doesn't have anything to do with Euro banknote tracking AND your message might be interesting for other forum members, please consider using the Off-Topic Discussions forum. Thanks for your cooperation.
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