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Thank you - BoD

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As I couldn't join the EBTM, I didn't have the chance to tell it in person, as probably many people already did.
But I want to take today the opportunity to say "Thank you" to the people that were part of the old Board of Directors.

When I look today back on what has been realized over the last 8 months, I'm very proud to see all the progress:

Some highlights:
- We have an European Association, with 82 members and this will grow rapidly.
- First Assembly was held successfully and a new BoD was elected with members all over Europe.
- Different workgroups are being formed.
- Transfer of intellectual property has started.

I notice a renewed dynamism and people volunteering with enthusiasm. We are creating now a bright future for EBT, a hobby for thousands of people.

We shouldn't take all this work for granted.
So Thank you to avij, de-jo, Giro, Phaseolus, Nerzhul

And I'm sure the new BoD will continue the good work.

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